Absolution: A Novel of Suspense

Absolution: A Novel of Suspense - Caro Ramsay I got this book at a book sale and wanted to discover more authors. It sounded interesting, but I was a bit disappointed in some ways. The plot seemed okay, but I kept getting lost a little between the characters. I'm a simple minded fellow, so I need things to be easy to follow. It wasn't a page turner for me, particularly the ending seemed to drag on a bit after the main event concluded. Not interested in drawn out endings after the climax thanks. As for the characters themselves, they weren't too bad. Sometimes authors go into a character a bit too much to the point you almost forget the plot, but this wasn't the case here. In fact, maybe the opposite because there were so many characters. I have to say (without spoiling the ending) that I was disappointed with what happened to DCI McAlpine. I'm not sure that I really liked this character at all. He didn't ring true to me. I thought he was the main character, maybe he was, but really he wasn't if that makes any sense at all. Everything seemed to revolve around him in the beginning, but sort of petered out in the end, like a tornado that lost its strength.