Predator (A Scarpetta Novel)

Predator - Patricia Cornwell An improvement from the last two Scarpetta novels I read. Without giving away too much, it was an interesting twist for the perpetrator. There could have been more explored with the perpetrator. I don't know why Cornwell hesitates to expand on the perps and yet goes on with some of the other characters unnecessarily. I'm bored and turned off by Benton. He annoys me. What about the character Joe Amos? There should have been a much better conclusion with him. He deserved so much more of a comeuppance. I must say that I've lost interest in the Scarpetta stories. I have one or two to read yet in my library, but I can't say I'm looking forward to them now. Cornwell lacks development of her perps. Her regular characters are becoming boring and annoying. Pete Marino needs to check himself and become the tough cop that everyone cheers on. Lucy should give in to and explore her sexuality some more. Scarpetta needs to toughen up and be a bit more stern with Benton. Benton needs to be beaten up. Again I felt the ending was rushed like several of Cornwell's last novels.