Kisscut  - Karin Slaughter This is my first Karin Slaughter book. It was quite gripping and hard hitting. The story slowly, but naturally, evolved into gut wrenching scenario of child exploitation that I didn't see coming. It took me aback somewhat. It was hard to read in some parts because of that fact, and yet, it was well written to not blatantly pander to the twisted minds of those individuals who actually partake in such abhorrent activities. The character development was pretty good. I haven't read Slaughter's first book "Blindsighted" yet, so I don't know if the same characters had a history there. I found most of the characters quite believable and the events within the story played out quite realistically, in my opinion, though I'm not a critical as some readers. I just like a good story, and I think Slaughter did a good job of doing that. What I did like in this story is that it ended in a way that may not suit all readers. It broke away from the typical mold that usually makes everyone feel nice, and satisfactorily complete. I think it gave a truer feel for reality. I will definitely read another of her books. On another note, having checked out Slaughter's home page, I think she has really lovely blue eyes. :)