Black Notice

Black Notice - Patricia Cornwell I really liked this book. It's of a different genre than her other Dr.Scarpetta books, so don't anticipate the same feel. It was very funny. I could picture the hilarious situations and the strange-talking Tangier Island folk. Great book, with still the intringue and suspense of her others. For a change of pace and style, with some laughs, have a read of this one. Isle of Dogs has some great characters and villians. It has typical political double-talk and an unscrupulous secretary. The governor and his wacky family and butler are a riot. The Chief Superintendent has her hands full with a journalistic trooper and bunch or road pirates who have kidnapped her dog. Some unnatural suspense is also present with the addition of a strange female who can reallign her molecular structure to become invisible when it suits her ominous dark interior. In my opinion, this is a great work by Cornwell.