Blow Fly (Scarpetta)

Blow Fly - Patricia Cornwell I have enjoyed Cornwell's books in the past, but I was quite disappointed in the ending of this book. It had such promise, keeping me enthusiastically devouring chapter by chapter, but all of sudden, the last 20 pages or so wrapped up the story so rapidly, so indescriptively, that it was like Cornwell got tired of writing it or ran out of time to conclude it. There was so much scope for elaborating details of the demise of several characters, but instead it was like a bomb was detonated and someone said, "Well, that's that then." The was some good character development, then it was like the villians just got swept under the carpet like they were nothing more than an upset grandma being to get back inside after yelling at some noisy kids in the street. Even the relationship between Lucy and Rudy could have been better explored. I've started reading "The Trace" so let's hope that is better.