The Reapers: A Thriller

The Reapers: A Thriller - John Connolly Connolly has done it again with a great book involving the charaters of Louis, Angel and Parker. In this book, Parker is not the main player. This is a story of Louis and Angel, Louis in particular. "The Burning Man" still plagues Louis's memories and we discover how Louis become the killing machine that he is today. We learn about his "mentor" Gabriel and his nemesis "Bliss". Louis and Angel are hired to take care of a high profile's enemy, which takes its toll not only on Louis and Angel, but others that have become embroilled in their life, including a hard working mechanic called Brew, 60 years old and in Louis's debt. Angel and Louis are cool and very professional killers, with links to people with other special talents, not forgetting the Fulci brothers, who love to get their hands dirty on people who do the wrong thing by them and their friends. The Reapers is a great book and if you already like Connolly's work, then you will not be disappointed. Very enjoyable read.